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Feb. ‘News & Views’ Newsletter-TAX SEASON

Tips for Tax Season Featuring our monthly newsletter, with helpful tax season tips! Save money with deductions and spend your returns on home improvement projects that increase the value of your home. Let us know if you'd like to subscribe! We always put helpful Real Estate tips in the...

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Top 5 Quirky DIY Home Decorating Tips

We found some quirky DIY home decorating tips from various home design websites. Draw on Your Furniture!?!  Your mother always told you not to draw on anything but paper! Why is designer Michael Garvey telling us to do so, then? Look at the below photo, in which Michael used a Sharpie to...

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Extreme Dream Homes

Holy Real Estate! Extreme dream homes make the types of homes we usually sell look like boxes! Some people aren't satisfied with your typical single-family dwelling, and that’s okay. Certain people thirst to put their own artisan touch on the architecture and design of the home. Sometimes they even take on a whole...

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Tax Season: The Best Time to Be a Homeowner

Now that tax season is here, it’s time to rejoice, all ye homeowners! You have the freedom and (possibly) extra cash coming your way to afford cosmetics, furnishings, fixes, and renovations. The key to this freedom and (possible) cash is filling out your itemized deductions under Schedule A in...

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