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Ways to Deter a Buyer- Top 10 Home Buyer Turn-Offs

Selling your home can be tough due to all the competition out there. Homebuyers look at various aspects when they want to buy a house and if your property that needs lot of TLC, it may not going to be easy to sell. Sometimes, a home is just fine, but the smallest psychological trigger can put off the keenest of buyers.

People are naturally skeptical, especially when it comes to spending their hard earned cash, and they will be looking for the negatives when they come to inspect your home. However, you can alleviate this issue by attending to all these issues before the buyer asks to look at your home. Knowing upfront what will deter buyers from buying your home will help you to improve your chances of selling the property. Here are the top ten turn-offs when potential buyers look at homes.


# 1 Overpricing Your Home

Sellers often overprice their homes in an attempt to get as much profit as possible out of the deal. This is a sure-fire way to send potential buyers running scared. Buyers will spend time looking at homes to find what they are looking for at a price that works for them. They can see value in a home quicker than you might imagine.


#2 Poor Curb Appeal

First impressions last, so make sure your home looks good both inside and out. When he or she steps out of the vehicle, he or she must want to live in your home. Make sure the sidewalk and garden are in immaculate condition by keeping those hedges trimmed and the lawn mowed.

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Vamp up your curb appeal by making sure your beds are well manicured!

#3 Misrepresentation

False advertising is a big no-no. Ensure that all the specs and features of your home are correctly listed in your advertisements. Buyers will not tolerate being lied to. The feature you lied about, may just be the dealbreaker.


#4 Limited Storage Space

Space is a big thing for people who want to live in a neat and clutter-free environment. If your home does not have sufficient storage space buyers may not want to buy it. Remove any clutter that you have in order show off the storage space there is to perfection. Boxes and excessive clothes should be removed so that buyers are not overwhelmed when they look in your closets. You can rent storage facilities until you move into your new home.


#5 Odors

Mold, pets and cigarette smoke cause unpleasant odors and even disease in the home, and while you may well be immune to it, buyers will detect it immediately and it could dissuade them from buying your home.  Get rid of these odors promptly before you place your home on the market. If you do have mold issues get a mold expert in to deal with the problem. If you smoke in the house, paint the walls and keep windows open to encourage the flow of fresh air into your home. Smoke outside while the home is on the market.  Wash linens, upholstery and curtains regularly to keep the home smelling fresh and clean.


#6 Dirt & Grime

Make sure your home is clean and tidy before bringing prospective buyers into your home. Nothing puts people off more than a dirty and untidy home. Check that the oven is clean as people will look into the oven.

Buyers will be concerned that other parts of the home have been neglected if your home is dirty. Toilets, showers, cupboards and sinks should be kept in pristine condition.


#7 Clutter

Get rid of clutter as this is a big turn off for prospective buyers. Clutter creates the impression that there is insufficient space in the home- and homeowners like to have space. They like to imagine their own items in the home, but when it is too cluttered, it is hard to visualize the home the way they would want it.  Do whatever you can to get rid of clutter so that your prospective buyers feel like they have space to store and pack their things.

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Do NOT leave clutter and mess on your counters!

#8 Interfering Sellers

Don't try to do the REALTOR's job. He or she knows how to sell houses so get out of the way and let the professionals do what they need to do to sell your home.


#9 Over Personalized Decor

Depersonalize your home as much as you can. Decor that is excessively personalized can be off-putting for many home buyers. Check the color of your walls and adjust if they are little too colorful and remove personalized murals.  Most people prefer conservative homes that they can decorate to suit their needs.

clean decor

Neutral decor is always preferable!

#10 Dated Decor

Replace dated light fixtures and torn wallpaper with more modern, yet conservative, new decor so that the home looks modern and new. Neutral always works when selling a home. This will give prospective buyers the impression that living in your home will be a relaxed and calming experience.


Implementing the above tips will improve the sellability of your home tenfold. Prospective buyers will feel comfortable in your home and more open to buying the house. It is easier to get someone to buy your home when they feel relaxed and comfortable in your house.

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