Military personnel looking for homes have special needs. They are likely to spend significant time away from their families, and may find comfort in neighborhoods with people facing their similar unique challenges. Whether the move is an official one, or simply for personal reasons, a military specialist is essential to helping anyone in the military find an affordable property in the neighborhood best suited for them.

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Managing Costs

The most important reason to use a military specialist as a realtor is related to the cost of the home. A military specialist, aware of the implications of serving in the forces, will help any military personnel find a home that suits their needs and their pocket to perfection. You do not need to be worrying about finances when you are out in the field serving your country.

Location is Key

When purchasing homes for military personnel, realtors need to consider the location, particularly ensuring that the homes are located by a military base or in a military neighborhood. Within these neighborhoods, a military specialist realtor will be able to offer an extensive array of viable choices, ensuring that you make a selection that helps give you a soft place to land. From starter homes next to Randolph Air Force Base to executive homes a few miles away from the base in Garden Ridge, it’s important to find the right spot.

Another reason that it is crucial to have a military specialist, is that they are aware of the type of support the families of military personnel need in the areas, which they live. It will be easier to find a home that has all the required support facilities through this specialist.


Military personnel may need to up and move suddenly, and therefore, may have to resell their homes. With a military specialist as a realtor, you can assure that they understand these implications and will do their best to try to get the home sold as soon as possible. They understand that time is of the essence when a location change is ordered.

moving to schertz- The Claus team


Negotiation is important when purchasing a home, particularly for those in the military who may not be earning high salaries. A military specialist as a realtor is able to negotiate the price of the property, as well as taking into consideration factors like financing, purchase agreements, VA loan providers, terms of possession and investigations and inspections.

A specialist will do all due diligence on your behalf during evaluation of the property. There are many parts of the structure that may need to be assessed, that you as military personnel may not have the time to do thoroughly. This includes checking on the septic tanks status, any faults on the structure, termite infestation, and dry rot among other important aspects of the property. Your realtor will play a major role in helping you resolve any issue before you finalize a purchase.

Rental Options

Should you be looking to rent premises, a military specialist will help draw up an agreement that is fair, and flexible, in case you need to make a sudden move to a new location.

moving to schertz- The Claus Team

A military wife herself, Jeanine Clause of The Claus Team understands military moves well. She has built her team around the ability to navigate through all the nuances of military moves. Because Schertz has been her home for decades, she realizes the importance of the military community within the city and finds great pride in helping current and former military members buy, rent, and sell homes. If anyone knows military moves in Schertz, it’s The Claus Team