Selling your home in the summer’s always a great idea. After all, it’s the busiest buying season of the year. Parents are looking to purchase a new home and move in before the school year starts, and as such, many are willing to pay top-dollar (and even get into bidding wars) to make it happen.

But while demand may be high, there is one often unforeseen downside to selling in the summer: The weather.

With rising temperatures and scorching hot afternoons, it can be hard to keep up appearances in the summertime – particularly on the outside of your home. The sun’s harsh rays dry out your yard, kill flowers and make curb appeal near impossible.

So what can you do? Throw in the towel, and cover the yard in cacti? Give up and wait until fall to list your home?

Fortunately, those aren’t your only options. While it’s a little more difficult, it is possible to keep your lawn looking great – even in the heat of summer. It just takes some foresight and a little more elbow grease. Here are some tips to help:

Water at the Right Time

Obviously, watering your lawn is important, particularly in the summer. But more important than just watering? That’d be watering at the right time. If you water in the heat of the afternoon, when the sun rays are harshest, it negates watering altogether. The sun dries up the water almost as soon as it hits the ground! Your best bet is to water in the early morning or after dusk when the water has time to soak into the roots before the sun comes out. As a general rule, lawns need about an inch of water a week.

Keep Grass a Little Longer

Raise up your mower blade, and keep your yard’s grass a little bit longer in the summer months. Tall grass has deeper roots, making it more drought-tolerant, and it provides additional shade on the ground, which reduces weed growth and prevents moisture from evaporating when you water it.

Mulch Your Grass Clippings

When you’re done mowing, empty out part of the bag of clippings back on your yard and spread it around. This helps lock in moisture and provide additional shade and nutrients to your yard. (It also makes clean-up easier!) If you’re worried about how the clippings look from the curb, use a rake to work them deeper into the lawn’s blades, so they’re not as obvious from the street.

Avoid Fertilizing

It’s natural to think, “I want a nicer yard; I should fertilize.” But in the summer, fertilizing is a big no-no. The sun heats up the product, actually burning your grass in the process. Be sure to stop fertilizing at least a full month before summer hits to prevent this happening to your own yard.

Treat for Bugs

Bugs and grubs tend to be more common in the summer, so consider putting down grub and pest control products early on. These infestations can destroy your grass if left to fester too long – not to mention gross out any potential buyers who come your way.

Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp

When your mower blades get dull, they tear at the grass, making it look ragged, messy and sometimes, even discolored. Sharpen the blades regularly to ensure they’re always making a clean cut when you mow. A good rule of thumb? A sharp blade can last for about 10 hours of mowing. If your lawn takes two hours each week to mow, that means it needs sharpening every five weeks. Mark it on your calendar, so you don’t forget!

Avoid Walking on it

Whenever possible, avoiding walking on your lawn in the summer. As grass blades dry out in the warm weather, they lose their ability to bounce back after being bent or stepped on. This leads to broken, damaged and even dead grass in spots that are high-traffic. Walking on your lawn can also pack down the soil, which keeps the grass from getting water properly.

 Beat the Heat

Selling your home this summer? Beat the heat and be proactive with your lawn care. Great curb appeal can bring in more buyers and, potentially, even raise the value of your home. It’s well worth the investment of time and resources in the end!

Want other tips for selling your house at top-dollar? Need help listing and marketing your Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge or other San Antonio area home? Call the Claus Team today. Our expert agents are here to help.

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