Garden Ridge, TX

Why Garden Ridge Real Estate?

Located just 30 minutes outside of San Antonio, Garden Ridge is the perfect place to upgrade your home and raise your family.

With gorgeous, sprawling estates, beautiful ranch-style properties and tons of land and acreage to grow into, “moving up” is an understatement when you come to Garden Ridge.

Existing real estate runs the gamut. Here’s just a glimpse at what you’ll see in Garden Ridge:

  • All sizes – You’ll find homes with three, four, five and even six bedrooms, so no matter how big your family is (or will be down the line), there’s always a property here for your needs.
  • Wide price range – If you just want a small step up from your starter home, Garden Ridge has properties in the $200,000 to $500,000 range. Want to go full-on luxury? From $500,000 to $2 million, you’ll find a home that fits the bill here.
  • Amenities – Want a home with a pool? River access? A sprawling lawn or panoramic Hill Country view? An upgraded kitchen or wrap-around porch? You can bet Garden Ridge has it. All it takes is a quick MLS search, and you’ll find the amenities you’re looking for in no time.

If those aren’t your style, acreage is abundant. Just purchase a lot with the Hill Country views of your choice, and build your dream home from the ground up. Make it as big and luxurious as you like!

Living in Garden Ridge

But Garden Ridge isn’t just great because of its real estate options. Living here is ideal, too.

It’s got great schools, plenty to do and see, and a small town feel you don’t normally get living so close to the big city.

All in all, you’ll find Garden Ridge perfect for:

  • Kids – Are you kids just hitting school age? If you choose Garden Ridge for your move-up home, they’ll attend schools in the Comal Independent School District. Deemed “recognized” by the Texas Education Agency, Comal ISD contains four high schools, five middle schools and more than a dozen elementary schools, each one highly rated and ranked. There’s even a college preparatory school that offers students dual credit for their coursework.
  • Families – There’s also plenty to do in Garden Ridge, too. There are youth sports programs, Boy Scouts troops, local community programs and clubs, and much, much more. As an added bonus, bigger towns like Schertz and Cibolo are just a few minutes away, and San Antonio proper is a mere 30 minutes down the road. Enjoy all the big city’s restaurants, shops and sights anytime you like.
  • Parents – One of the best parts of Garden Ridge is its close proximity to other local cities. So whether you work in San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos or anywhere in between, your morning commute will always be under an hour. That means less time on the roads and more time at home with your loving family.
  • Seniors – With access to lots of health care and medical facilities, a number of local clubs and organizations (including the Lions Club) and a tons of outdoor trails and parks to walk and explore, there’s something for every age in Garden Ridge. It’s also a great spot if you (or your spouse) has recently retired from the military. In fact, according to Sperling’s Best Places to Live, the Garden Ridge-San Antonio area is No. 5 in Best Places for Military Retirees.

When your starter home is no longer enough – either in size, style or design – Garden Ridge is the place to look.

With a wide range of properties and price ranges, a whole slew of amenities, and huge benefits for every member of the family, you’ll find it the perfect place to move on and move up.

Want to consider Garden Ridge, TX, real estate for your move-up home? Contact the Claus Team today, and we’ll create a customized property list just for you.