There is a sense of adventure and anticipation that you experience when you are relocating to a new town. This can quickly take a downturn once you realize that you have no idea where you can find even the most basic amenities!

You do not need to worry about getting lost, going without the basics or providing everything your family needs if you have an excellent guide. That is why you should refer to this basic guide, to save time and help you find what you need, when you need it. Make a smooth transition as you relocate to Schertz TX with these 15 resources.

  1. To get an electric connection in Schertz TX, you should get in touch with the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC). They are located on Curtiss Avenue. They ensure quick connections and have convenient payment platforms.

Contact Number: (210) 658-7033

  1. When you want to connect your gas in Schertz, contact the Guadalupe Gas Company. They are able to sort out all gas related issues in commercial properties, industrial properties as well as residential properties.

Contact Number: (830) 606-1877

  1. The water in Schertz arrives though the Carrizo Aquifer. You will need to register and receive bills from the city’s water utility billing department, to ensure that you are connected to a reliable water source.

Contact Number: (210) 619-1100

  1. There are various telephone service providers in Schertz. One that is recommended is AT & T, who have a variety of deals that you can choose from, some including bundles for online connectivity. You could also opt for services from Allconnect, who offer phone, cable and internet packages.

Contact Number for AT & T: (210) 651-4667

Contact Number for Allconnect: 1-866-684-7629

  1. If you want to connect to cable television for your family’s entertainment, you can choose to connect to Time Warner Cable Company or Dish TV. There are a range of value added benefits as well as low pricing options for the residents of Schertz.

Contact Number for Time Warner Cable Company: 1-855-800-5935

Contact Number for Dish TV: 1-866-942-9155

  1. Opening a bank account is essential for your day to day transactions. There are many banks present in Schertz, the local banks include Schertz bank and Broadway Bank. Other national banks that you can easily find include Chase Bank and Bank of America.

Contact Number Schertz Bank: (210) 945-7400

Contact Number Broadway Bank: (210) 283-5790

  1. To purchase your household groceries, you need to find a grocery store. There is a massive Walmart Supercenter in Schertz. Other supermarkets that you will find include Texas grocery giant HEB Supermarkets. Until you figure out how to get around, you can order your groceries online as most of the supermarkets offer delivery services.
  1. Your children will have no problem finding a school to attend in Schertz. Schertz has an independent school district which is referred to as the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City. Within this school district, you will find 8 elementary schools, 3 intermediate schools, 2 junior high schools and 3 high schools.

Contact Number for Schertz-Cibolo-Universal: (210) 945-6200

  1. When you need healthcare, there are 37 hospitals that can be found within and around Schertz. The Baptist Emergency Hospital is amongst the more renowned hospitals in Schertz.

Contact Number for Baptist Emergency Hospital: (210) 572-8400

  1. The Schertz dog park is an excellent place to take your family pet for daily exercise. Not only will you help your pet to get rid of some pent up energy, you will also meet other dog owners and begin to forge relationships with the local people.
  • If you have a car, you are sure to need the number of a good mechanic in case of an emergency. In Schertz, Victory Lane Automotive are known for being an excellent full service repair shop, offering great services at reasonable prices.

Contact Number for Victory Lane Automotive: (210) 658-8325

  1. Being a predominantly Christian town, most of the places of worship in Schertz are churches. There are many denominations available including Catholic churches, Anglican churches, Methodist churches, Baptist churches and so on. There is also a community of Buddhists, and a temple is available.
  1. If you are a lover of nature, then you will likely be looking for a recycling center once you have relocated to Schertz. There are around 68 listed recycling centers in Schertz. One of the most prominent ones can be found at the Randolph Air Force Base, and it is known as the Randolph AFB Recycling Centre.
  1. It is quite likely that you will need to purchase some furniture once you have relocated to Schertz. If you are one a tight budget, you can purchase good quality used furniture from CORT Furniture Rental and Clearance.

Contact Number : (210) 967-1339

  • Being almost completely crime free security is a minor concern. Granny’s Guy can help you fit an alarm for your peace of mind.

Contact Granny’s Guy: (210) 549-8035

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