Let’s face it – moving to a new house is stressful. No matter how much better the new home promises to be, there is still a lot of work to do, dates to juggle and snags to untangle before, on and shortly after moving day. You’re bound to have a lot on your mind, so with this post, we hope to make things a little easier for you.

Finding a new home and telling your family and friends goes without saying. Let’s get down to the logistics:


  1. Book Your Moving Truck


Once the move to the new home has been confirmed, you need to arrange the moving truck. There are two different options, so think carefully which you should choose:


  • ➔ Self-pack service, where the company only provides the truck and driver.
  • ➔ Full-service, where the company loads the truck, drives it and unloads it at the new house.
  • ➔ Packing & moving service – You can also find a company that does your packing too.


Book the moving company as soon as the move has been confirmed, as these companies are often booked full for weeks, especially around month-end.

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  1. Change, Cancel and Move


Before leaving the old home, you need to cancel services you subscribe to that you won’t be using or needing at the new home. You need to move phone lines and internet (if you’re just moving down the road).  Add these items to your checklist –


  • ❏ phone line
  • ❏ cable subscription
  • ❏ newspaper delivery
  • ❏ internet connection
  • ❏ electrical supply
  • ❏ gas
  • ❏ water
  • ❏ garbage


When speaking to the service providers, remember that you will be liable to pay cancellation fees on contracts. There may also be installation charges, taxes and other fees payable.


Expert Tip: Be sure to call for confirmation that your utilities will be turned on by the time the moving truck arrives at the new home.


  1. Packing


You can start packing well in advance, so we would recommend you start packing away the things that you don’t use regularly as soon as the move is confirmed. Start with the junk drawers, off season clothing, the guest bedroom and holiday decorations.


Expert Tip: The day before the truck arrives, pack an overnight bag for each family member. This bag should contain extra clothes, toiletries, mp3 players, chargers, a book, and medicines or whatever else they will need easy access to. Also pack a box with toilet paper, paper towels, disposable plates, cups and cutlery, a trash bag and box cutter.


  1. Make Repairs


Once you have taken down all the artwork and decorations, you should repair the walls. On white walls, you can cover the holes from hooks using a bar of soap. You should also do any repairs to custom temporary changes you have made, for instance, if you painted a wall bright red, you will have to repaint it white before you move.


  1. Plan the Trip


Moving to a far-away new city? Book your flights. Otherwise, plan your route to a nearby new town, ensuring that you make it as much fun as you can with a hotel stay and sightseeing.


  1. Pet Provisions


Moving can be traumatic to pets too, so speak to your vet about the best way to make it easier for them. Some moving companies do pet removals, and will take care to make Fido feel comfortable all the way to his new house.


  1. Out With the Old, In With the New


If your home has sentimental value, especially for your children, it can be a difficult to move away. However, there are a few things you can do to make it easier:


  • ➔ Make a video of your kids in their favorite spot in the house, talking about what they love most about it.
  • ➔ Take photos to help preserve the memories.
  • ➔ Make a Pinterest board with the kids, dream decorating their new bedrooms and include fun things you’ll be able to do in the new town.


  1. Bring the Basics


If your new home is just around the corner, take over the basics the day before the big move. This is a good opportunity to unpack the bathrooms and have some clothes, bed linens and non-perishable food ready for moving day.


  1. Meet the Neighbors


Meeting your new neighbors quickly could be your lifeline when just starting out in a new community.  Many times, neighbors can help you feel right at home or obsolete.


Expert Tip: Baked goods and a friendly smile is generally all it takes to introduce yourself. And, who knows… they may come to you first!


  1. Get to Know the Town


There’s no better way to discover your new surroundings than by taking a walk through town and introducing yourself to people. It will give you a chance to get recommendations on the best hairdressers, babysitters, plumbers and of course – the neighborhood gossip!


By following these tips, you will be ready to embrace your new neighborhood by the time the moving truck rolls around.